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"The album is challenging listening but there are rewards to be had, there are moments of poetic and melodic beauty among the sometimes brutalist soundscapes: seek and thy shall find."

Simon Defty


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"Freysteinn and his associates have a common taste for exploration, inferring this music with a seductively tortuous quality that stimulates the ear. "



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"I can feel its dark, foreboding energy in my bones. Even the sparse, lighter touches of comfort make me hold my breath as if waiting for an unnerving surprise."

Mike Gates

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"Overall, this is a truly unusual and innovative piece of music, which forces the listener to approach the music with attention and total involvement and keeps him hostage from start to finish."

Adam Baruch


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"The material from " Lokun sem varð að byrjun " can hypnotize the listener not only with the unconventional structure of the songs and phenomenal performance, but also with freedom and charm,"

Marcin kozicki Stacjaislandia

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Freysteinn is a talented musician who has dedicated his career to mastering the art of double bass. He began his studies at Félag Íslenskra Tónlistarmanna (FÍH) in Reykjavík, Iceland and completed them in 2012. The following year, he traveled to Holland to pursue a Bachelor's degree in music for double bass at The Royal Conservatorium of Den Haag, which he successfully completed in 2016.


Not content with just a Bachelor's degree, Freysteinn continued his studies at the Escola Superior De Música De Lisbon ESML in Portugal, where he started his Master's degree in Double Bass.


As a musician, Freysteinn has performed at numerous jazz festivals throughout Europe, including the Reykjavík Jazz Festival, Dola Jazz in Norway, and the Vilnius Jazz Festival in Lithuania. He has also performed as a leader and session player in several countries, including Holland, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, and his native Iceland.

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